What You Should Know about Asoriba

asoriba logoRecently highlighted on CNN, Asoriba helps people connect to their churches and practice religion and spirituality through a mobile app. The company, which was named Africa’s best startup at the Seedstars World event in April 2016, has more than 380 participating churches. Considering the app launched in a country that contains 700 Christian sects and approximately 71,000 congregations, it is expected to thrive. The following are other interesting facts you should know about Asoriba.

The Brains behind the Invention

Asoriba, supported by Techstars and its Barclays Accelerator, was founded by Ghanese entrepreneurs Nana, Saviour, Jesse, and Patrick. Both sons of pastors, Nana and Saviour are experienced in software development. Nana dedicates his time to strategic initiatives, such as market research and financial modeling. A certified network engineer, Saviour offers expertise in user interface design. Also a software developer, Jesse takes interest in open source technologies and is knowledgeable in application development for web and mobile platforms. He is the point person for solving organizational challenges. Patrick’s experience dates back to college, when he designed software for large enterprises. He offers extensive knowledge in server-side programming.

Goals Shaping the App

The company values family, respect, integrity, and action. Its app focuses on improving engagement between churches and congregations, thus enhancing the bond among Christian communities. As a result, participating churches experience growth in membership and have the opportunity to positively influence more lives.

Tool Capabilities

Church representatives reach followers by sending sermons and devotionals via video and audio files through the app. It is also useful for notifying people of special engagements and delivering news on behalf of groups and ministries. Additionally, parishioners who cannot attend a service in person may watch a live stream.

By using the app, churches can reduce the amount of funds allocated toward print material and other expenditures related to communication. Promotional efforts and correspondences can all be fulfilled using Asoriba. Further, the development team integrated a digital collection box to receive tithes over mobile devices. The app accepts a variety of card payments, including MasterCard and Visa, making it convenient for followers to show their support at any time and location, so long as they have access to the app. Once a user completes a transaction, the funds are immediately credited to the selected church. This plays a pivotal role in the continuation of educational and health care programs.

Supplemental Resources

analyticsThe app gains additional support from web applications that focus on managing membership, leadership, groups, communications, calendars, branches, and financials. The financials feature will launch in December, but interested clients can currently request to try it. It will also serve as an accounting platform and give administrators the ability to send pledge reminders and collect welfare dues.

Moreover, the web platform will gather analytics that evaluate overall performance. Previewed on a dashboard, analytics presents data, ranging from church growth to offertory. It tracks tithing transactions and gives perspective on attendance. As an added bonus, users can automatically create reports, as necessary.

Compatible Devices

The app is available only on Android devices, but as of May 2016, the Asoriba team is working on making an app that is compatible with the iOS operating system. Once complete, owners of Apple devices can download and begin using the app.


Churches that wish to join the app must become an Asoriba client. The company allows smaller churches, ones that have no more than 100 members, to utilize the app for free. Churches that cater to a larger congregation should visit http://www.asoriba.com to obtain a price quote. An Asoriba team member will work individually with organizations to determine a fee structure that best meets their needs.


For a more branded look, clients can request customization services to produce a professional app that attracts target audiences. In addition to traditional contact information, customization options include a high resolution icon, photos, and graphics. An option to upload a promotional video or graphic may be submitted in JPG or PNG format.

Areas of Service

Asoriba caters to ministries throughout South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Future Initiatives

The team aims to supplement the app with a virtual space for social networking. The platform will encourage people to engage in conversation with those of the same religion. Discussions on faith will be the primary focus.

Because the platform does not require in-person interaction, the development team hopes the feature will make it easier for people to bring up sensitive topics, such as marriage. As a result, they will learn how to make challenging decisions that are in line with their faith’s teachings.