The Michael and Cecilia Foundation: Alleviating Poverty in Nigeria By Cecilia Ibru

The Michael and Cecilia Foundation has undertaken a wide range of initiatives to combat poverty in Nigeria and surrounding countries. The organization works to ensure access to health care while increasing access to social services and educational opportunities. Additionally, an awareness program aims to prevent the spread of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis. The program includes an initiative to educate parents about the importance of immunizations for their children to prevent potentially fatal childhood diseases.


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The Michael and Cecilia Foundation also funds a Train-A-Child program, which sends children and young adults from impoverished backgrounds to schools and training programs, to provide them with the tools and skills necessary to achieve financial independence and break the cycle of poverty. Students seek training in carpentry, welding, landscaping, and masonry, in addition to pursuing higher education. The organization also has its own university in development, which leaders hope will serve as a model for the establishment of more schools throughout Africa.

About the Author: Born and raised in Nigeria, Cecilia Ibru enjoyed a successful career in finance, management, and banking. At present, she devotes her time to the Michael and Cecilia Foundation.