About Cecilia Ibru

Cecilia IbruA resident of Nigeria, Cecilia Ibru embarked on her career following the completion of her graduate coursework at North East London University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Philosophy. She previously graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Sociology from London University. In 2003, Delta State University bestowed her with an Honorary Doctorate.

Known as the “First Lady” of Nigeria’s banking industry, Cecilia Ibru established herself as one of the country’s most prominent financial professionals when she began her tenure as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oceanic Bank International Plc in 1997. Prior to this role, she accumulated extensive managerial experience working with the Ibru Organization, the conglomerate owned by her husband that includes the Oceanic Group of Insurance Companies, Oceanic Securities Ltd., Oceanic Pension Custodian Ltd., and Oceanic Trustees Ltd. as subsidiaries.

With approximately 70% of Nigeria’s population living below the poverty line, Cecilia Ibru recognized the many challenges that she would face in her leadership role. A businesswoman with passion and drive, Ms. Ibru channeled a great deal of effort toward promoting economic development at every level of society, and she leveraged her position at the helm of Oceanic Bank International to establish partnerships with public and private organizations on a local and nationwide basis. By investing heavily in promising Nigerian enterprises operating in a variety of sectors, Cecilia Ibru generated considerable profits for the bank and bolstered economic prospects for the country’s citizen base.

Following her tenure with Oceanic Bank International, she began overseeing Aero Contractors. The airline, which is owned by the Ibru family, was founded in 1959 under the auspices of Schreiner Airways B.V. Deeply engaged in a wide array of social causes, Ms. Ibru also enjoys leisure pursuits such as reading, playing tennis, swimming, and singing. She is married to Michael Ibru.