Cambridge-Hitachi Offers Full Range of Marketing Services

Cambridge-Hitachi pic Through the development of innovative educational resources, Cambridge-Hitachi assists companies in developing and implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives in the academic sector. In addition to creating digital learning tools in areas such as personal finance; sustainability; science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Cambridge-Hitachi helps firms reach out to schools with its comprehensive marketing services.

With contacts at every school in the United Kingdom, Cambridge-Hitachi is able to leverage its data on school locations and demographics to develop targeted mailing campaigns. The organization also has online access to the approximately 1,100 schools that have subscribed to the Cambridge University Press. Cambridge-Hitachi, which helps companies to secure spots in top education publications, also features client firms on its website and in its annual education catalogue. Furthermore, Cambridge-Hitachi works to connect organizations with popular exhibitions, such as the industry-leading BETT show, allowing companies to connect with a large portion of the educational technology sector.

NgREN Holds Inaugural Technical Working Group Meetings

ngren logo pic The Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN) supports Nigeria’s research and academic institutions through the provision of a modern, efficient, and affordable network infrastructure. In this way, NgREN aims to encourage innovation, communication, and collaboration among these institutions, thus encouraging national development. Led by a board of directors and executive management team, NgREN comprises four Technical Working Groups dedicated to distinct aspects of network development. In January 2015, the organization held the inaugural meetings of its Technical Working Groups at the Peter Okebukola Building in Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

With a membership comprised of network engineers, the Network Operations Technical Working Group combines areas such as infrastructure design, maintenance, and policy, working toward the deployment of an IPv4/IPv6 infrastructure. The Network Services Working Group focuses on building the support structure for this research and education network and will build a framework of policies and guidelines for technical support services. The Network Security Technical Working Group also works to ensure the overall stability of the network, including sustainability, safety, and appropriate use, as well as developing protocols for defending the network infrastructure from threats and service disruptions.

Additionally, NgREN includes the Communities of Practice Working Group, which fosters collaboration among individuals and institutions with shared interests and goals related to network infrastructure development.