5 African Education startups you need to know about

The idea of online learning is definitely changing people’s way of accessing education worldwide, and Africa is certainly not the exception. The new generations are more open every day to knowledge from whatever perspective technology allows them to receive it, and if the possibility is online education, African countries are not staying behind in this trend that has been changing the world for the past years. Quality education has no limits now, with startups created to promote this innovative way of spreading knowledge and education throughout children and adults that are eager to learn. The idea of a future built with education, development, values, pride and hope, with key factors that strengthen countries’ economies can only be conceived with solid tools and sources that are able to supply essential learning and education elements for the children and the young people of today. The contribution the education and learning startups in Africa will generate in the near and not so near future is not only represented in income for companies or for the country, but it will also hopefully be reflected in society patterns and the respect for human rights. These startups and companies created throughout the past decade have a huge responsibility opportunity in the education of African countries and most of them already know it and are working hard to make sure they don’t let their countries down.

The following list describes 5 of the most promising and inspiring educational and e-learning startups in Africa that are creating an impact in today’s African digital learning environment. All of them have the same mission which is to give people the possibility to access quality education, without attending an educational institution. The possibilities digital learning platforms are giving people is something you cannot put a price to, because its value is so big, it could never be calculated. You are invited to take a deeper look into each one of them.

e-learning Africa 2
Image courtesy of IICD on Flickr.com


DoviLearn is a Nigerian online learning platform that has a simple mission: To make learning digital. It is one of the services offered by a startup called Dovichi Services which specializes in skill acquisitions for people who are interested in a career upgrade. The courses offered online by DoviLearn are human resources, digital marketing, project management, and android and IOS development, among other courses that will make any professional gain more knowledge to share with the people and companies they work with. Online certifications and professional training are also offered online and the best part of it is that courses are dictated by excellent trainers and instructors.


This startup was initially born as an online learning platform but after some time of growing and adapting itself, it turned into a tutor marketplace that offers personal home tutors the possibility to meet customers with academic needs. The services of Prepeclass are focused on delivering quality and in order to prove it, they have a money-back guarantee policy that states that if a customer scores under 75% in the exam they asked to be tutored for, they will be refunded. Prepeclass is web and mobile friendly and that is one of the ways it makes it possible for people to take quick tests based on targeted examination practices. Prepeclass won the TechCabal Battlefield contest in 2014.

Rethink Education

Created and launched in 2012 in Cape Town, Rethink Education is an e-learning startup that allows educational content to be pushed and delivered through the mobile version to various instant messaging platforms and to the web platform mainly for school use. Rethink Education allows students the access to quality education while parents and teachers can monitor the student’s progress and adjust the lesson based on the progress the student is making day by day. The main goal for this startup is to operate not only in South Africa but also in Nigeria and Ghana.


Launched in 2009, Obami, a South African Startup specialized in education, provides web and mobile learning solutions to students, big and small companies, NGO’s and also teachers. Obami brings all of them together on a social learning platform, while allowing them to share educational content with each other. Obami is simple, scalable, and is it built in a secure, social framework. It is very intuitive so anyone can use it.


Qurio is a perfect digital platform for those who have the need to create quizzes, surveys and tests online. Qurio is accessible both on web and mobile. It is easy to use and doesn’t need to be downloaded. It is a useful e-learning platform for companies that want to get feedback from their employees or measure their customers’ satisfaction, and also for teachers that want to evaluate a class or a lecture. With Qurio there is no need for paperwork and it can be used in real time.