Kenyan Startup Offers Business Software Tailored to Entrepreneurs


For many business founders in Africa, accounting is almost an afterthought, something that is not high on their list of priorities. Unfortunately, tracking and analyzing the money coming in and out of a company is vital to any nascent company’s survival. Many software solutions exist, but few of these options are designed with the startup in mind. Moreover, these solutions can prove costly for smaller startups, and devising in-house solutions can prove extremely complex. Luckily, a team of Kenyan entrepreneurs who founded Uhasibu has developed a solution tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs throughout Africa.

The Uhasibu MiniERP Business Automation Solution

The team behind Uhasibu developed MiniERP as an end-to-end solution that provides cloud-based accounting services and other automation services for small businesses. Through MiniERP, small business owners gain the ability to streamline their business processes without the hassles of conventional tracking systems or the expense of modern software solutions. The product’s name comes from the concept of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which is used by larger companies to integrate business operations through technology. Typically, ERPs are modular and can be adapted for companies in a variety of sectors. However, these systems tend to be very expensive to deploy, not to mention time consuming.

MiniERP is designed with the needs of the small business in mind. As the name MiniERP suggests, the product provides much more than simple accounting services—at a price that small businesses can afford. Integration is simple and easy with the use of cloud technology, and business can begin using the product within a matter of minutes once they decide to enroll. The Uhasibu team initially focused primarily on accounting operations, but they quickly recognized that companies needed more functionality. As companies learned about the cloud accounting system, they expressed interest in a product that could also address more basic operational issues.

Features of the MiniERP Cloud Solution

Many startups in Kenya and other African countries avoid cloud-based systems due to the unreliability of Internet services. At the same time, this type of product is appealing because it does not require expensive investments in hardware and software to implement. The MiniERP team addressed the former concern by making the product available even when the user is offline so that companies could still benefit from the latter advantage.


The product can be used in many different industries. Some of the small businesses that already use MiniERP include pharmacies, barbershops, and salons. Because it integrates seamlessly with the Uhasibu accounting system, business owners can capture critical financial information and quickly apply it to their business processes.

If companies already have an accounting service but still want to take advantage of the features of MiniERP, they can use MiniERP to generate an accounting report that systematically lists all entries that must be made through the other program. Some other benefits of MiniERP include the following:

Integrated M-PESA payments

MiniERP accepts payments via the mobile M-PESA platform. The program gets assigned a Lipa na M-PESA till number that indicates where customers can send their payments.

Automatic revenue tracking

The system automatically makes note of all money coming in and out of the business. Therefore, business owners can quickly detect and correct any revenue leaks.

Built-in commission system

Employee commissions are calculated and updated automatically in a matter of minutes. Business owners can set commissions based on a fixed percentage of the sale or a certain amount per product sold.

Debt and debtor management

To help business owners minimize their number of bad debts, MiniERP calculates what certain customers owe. The system also notifies salespeople of any unsettled balances as customers visit.

No-effort bookkeeping

Through MiniERP, business owners can focus on running their operations rather than keeping books up to date. All transactions are automatically recorded so that the business has professional-quality books.

Automated payroll

Uhasibu offers a payroll solution that integrates seamlessly with MiniERP. Commissions  and payments are issued at the end of a pay period with a single click.

Getting Started with MiniERP

To allow entrepreneurs to see whether the MiniERP solution is right for their businesses, the first month of access is free. People can sign up for the service in a matter of minutes and begin using it immediately.

The company offers a flexible payment system so that businesses can fit the product into their respective budgets. The base system costs 1,000 shillings per month, which is equivalent to about $11.50, and extra tills are an extra 500 shillings per month for each location. Companies able to pay in advance can get multi-month deals. By paying for six months upfront, startups get the seventh month free. Similarly, companies that pay for 10 months will get access for 12 months. For a limited time, MiniERP is offering two free months for new users through Microsoft Biz4Afrika.