SME Toolkit – A Valuable Resource for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) represent a huge majority of companies in Nigeria. But though most of Nigeria’s 173 million residents earn their livelihoods from these often entrepreneur-driven businesses, it can be difficult for owners and operators of MSMEs to acquire the basic business skills needed to help their companies thrive.

That’s where SME Toolkit Nigeria comes in. A program of Pan-African University Enterprise Development Services (EDS) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), SME Toolkit Nigeria serves small and medium enterprises by providing free business management information, software, education, and training. On the organization’s website,, business owners can find facts, forms, and templates for all areas related to running a business, including business planning, legal and insurance issues, and new technologies. In addition, SME Toolkit offers a regular informational newsletter to its members and organizes an annual conference.

In addition to the IFC, a World Bank Group member that promotes sustainable private-sector investment in developing economies, SME Toolkit Nigeria is supported by a number of local and international partners. These include IBM, Google, Palo Alto Software, and the OPEN Small Business Network from American Express.


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