Classical Musical Programs Make Minds Sharper

Classical Musical Programs Make Minds Sharper
Classical Musical Programs Make Minds Sharper

The Michael and Cecilia Foundation pursues a wide variety of diverse educational initiatives for people of all abilities and ages. Of the many services on offer, one of the more specialized is the organization’s youth music program, the Cecilia Ibru Classical Concert. Inspired by Cecilia Ibru’s passion for the art, the program introduces young people to the world of classical music through training in voice and instruments.

Exposure to music has long been known to have positive effects. In fact, research suggests that classical music in particular has benefits that go far beyond mere enjoyment. Studies in the past have indicated that musicians have a quick ability to correct mistakes and may suffer less serious mental declines over time than other people.

In a report published last year by the Institute of Education at University College London, researchers discovered a number of skills improvements among children taking part in a classical music appreciation program. Students heard a variety of composers and live performances and engaged with musicians, who taught the learners sophisticated musical concepts. By the end of the program, many of the students were reported to have improved their language, listening, and social skills, in addition to their appreciation of music in general.

The Cecilia Ibru Classical Concert certainly improves participants’ musical ability. Given the extraordinary advantages of listening to classical music, the program could boost students’ mental acuity, as well.


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