Train A Child Program Offers Educational Support and Sponsorship

Train A Child pic Since 2006, the Michael and Cecilia Foundation has undertaken a variety of initiatives aimed at improving quality of life for citizens throughout Nigeria. Established and overseen by lifelong philanthropists and education proponents Michael and Cecilia Ibru, the organization focuses on education, elder care, public health, food security, and vocational training. The foundation’s academic and job readiness initiatives include the Train A Child program, which provides scholarships for impoverished Nigerian children.

Aiming to ensure a quality education and bright future for children from underserved communities, the initiative seeks to help children who are academically inclined but limited by their financial situations. The foundation maintains a database of all qualified scholarship recipients and seeks the support of nongovernmental organizations and philanthropists to connect each child with an individual or institutional benefactor.

Additionally, the Train A Child program provides remedial courses for secondary school graduates. Offered free of cost, these classes assist students in preparing for postsecondary education and required entrance exams.


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