NgREN Online Communities Aim to Foster Collaboration, Spur Development

ngren logo pic Founded in 2012, the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN) aims to promote innovative research, collaboration, and communication among member universities and other institutions across Africa and worldwide. One part of this mission is achieved through the many practical services the organization offers, such as the creation and maintenance of digital network infrastructure and the provision of network applications like videoconferencing. Another part is fulfilled through NgREN’s facilitation of targeted, online community forums.

NgREN’s Communities of Practice are designed to bring together people with common expertise on a particular topic or theme in the hopes of advancing professional practices and spurring development in specific areas. By fostering links and active collaboration among institutions and other academic and professional groups worldwide, the communities can help participants to centralize and grow their knowledge base and visualize key matters within a broader context.

To launch this element of its mission, NgREN selected a number of strategic communities to serve as the initial group. These encompass areas such as food security, environmental degradation, renewable energy, and vocational training. Interested participants can join any Community of Practice by contacting the topic leader or NgREN directly.


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