VCE Presents Benefits of Cloud Computing to NgREN Data Center

Cloud Computing pic Recently, the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN) hosted VCE, a joint venture of the leading tech firms EMC Corporation and Cisco Systems, for a presentation on Vblock Systems, its cloud storage technology portfolio. VCE visited NgREN’s network monitoring center to discuss data center development, proposing Vblock’s cloud architecture as a possible data organization solution. The company presented the cloud storage technology and its numerous benefits, citing the simplicity and efficiency of data virtualization. VCE also noted that Vblock integrates with popular computing and network technologies by Cisco, EMC, and VMware, offering a comprehensive suite of data management resources.

VCE drew on statistics compiled by the International Data Corporation to support its recommendation. The organization recently concluded that Vblock allows for significantly accelerated data center deployment times and can greatly reduce operational and incidental maintenance costs. In addition to decreasing overall costs by as much as half, Vblock innovation has been known to reduce data center downtime by 96 percent.


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