An Overview of Race to Learn by Cambridge-Hitachi

Race to Learn pic Cambridge-Hitachi offers a number of services to support corporate social responsibility initiatives in the education sector, assisting with marketing, educational materials, and live presentations and events. The organization has served such prominent clients as British Formula One racing team Williams F1. The team sought Cambridge-Hitachi’s expertise to create instructional resources that would support its educational outreach initiatives, aiming to develop a unique curriculum surrounding F1 racing.

Titled Race to Learn, Cambridge-Hitachi’s solution caters to students aged 9 to 11 and is designed to appeal to both girls and boys. The resource also serves students of varying learning styles and abilities. At the start of the lesson, students gather into small groups to form collaborative racing teams. Students then work together to complete a variety of tasks, expanding their knowledge in science, math, and literacy while developing teamwork skills. The teams explore the nature and importance of air resistance and design their own F1 cars. They also learn to balance a budget and prepare a pitch to garner sponsorship.

In addition to winning the 2010 BETT Award for Primary Digital Content, Race to Learn received commendation from the primary education publication Teach Primary!, earning a 10/10 rating. The resource has reached more than 2,000 primary schools as a curriculum adopted by the London Grid for Learning and Randstad Education.


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