Cambridge-Hitachi Introduces Penpals at Home

Penpals at Home pic Since 2003, Cambridge-Hitachi has offered assistance to a variety of organizations seeking to make a difference in education. The firm draws heavily on research, industry collaboration, and comprehensive prototyping to develop unique, effective educational programs and materials. In April 2014, Cambridge-Hitachi launched a new series of educational workbooks for children, using innovative new technology to revolutionize the learning experience. Ideal for children ages 3 to 5, Penpals at Home supplements the popular UK handwriting curriculum Penpals for Handwriting.

Penpals at Home is the first Penpals publication designed to enable parents to work together with their children. Paired with a free mobile app, the book allows readers to view extra content by simply scanning its pages with a tablet or smartphone. This new Hitachi Solutions technology, known as 2D code, adds excitement and imagination to the learning process, displaying animated demonstrations of patterns and letters. Children can use this feature to guide them as they learn to write, following the example pen movements.

The Penpals at Home series includes books for two distinct skill levels. The first volume, Getting Ready for Handwriting, presents vibrant practice patterns and exercises, aiming to build a firm foundation for consistent handwriting. The second book, Forming Letters, serves as an introduction to basic handwriting skills.


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