NgREN Provides Multimedia Training for Educators

ngren logo pic In a presentation titled “Creating Digital Multimedia Academic Content for Online Education through the NgREN Platform,” Howard University professor Folahan Ayorinde showed Nigerian educators the advantages of using digital tools to expand educational opportunities and create better learning environments. Organized by the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN) in order to raise awareness of its platform’s capabilities, the presentation welcomed numerous participants from each of the NgREN clusters. Participants included vice-chancellors or deans and heads of departments, all of whom were interested in bringing these new technologies to their universities and teaching staff how to use them.

Professor Ayorinde’s presentation covered multiple topics within the realm of digital multimedia use in academic settings. NgREN, a high-speed network designed to link member campuses, enables the delivery of academic materials to Internet-ready devices, collaboration among teachers at distant institutions, and research-sharing across departments. The NgREN videoconferencing platform provides numerous opportunities for the academic community, including access to distance learning and digital multimedia content, which promises to expand the reach of educators across Nigeria. The session concluded with suggestions for future meetings as NgREN continues to expand throughout the country’s universities and schools.


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