NgREN Conducts Digital Multimedia Content Creation Training

ngren logo pic A presentation on creating academic content through digital multimedia recently took place via the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN). NgREN, which seeks to provide top-quality network infrastructure to foster communication and research at its member institutions, made use of its videoconferencing platform to facilitate the presentation, which was delivered by a professor at Howard University in the United States.

The presentation had three goals. First, it sought to make NgREN member institutions familiar with tools for collaborative teaching and learning that can create highly accessible academic content. Second, it nudged them toward using those tools for distance and on-campus learning. Third, it encouraged member institutions to adopt tools like the ones presented for the purposes of collaboration and research.

Representatives from every cluster of NgREN, including students, deans, staff from information technology departments, directors of research, and vice chancellors, attended the presentation. After the presentation concluded, they expressed gratitude for NgREN’s efforts in putting it together and were invited to suggest topics for future lectures.


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